Altuzarra X ESTY Home Collection

Altuzarra X Etsy Home Collection

The womanswear and accessories brand Altuzarra launches a specially curated home décor collection this month, April 23rd to be exact.  A collaboration between Creative Director, Joseph Altuzarra and his favorite Etsy artisans, the collection includes pillows, dog beds, pottery and more.

 “I am thrilled to be partnering with Etsy for this exclusive collection of home decor. I have always loved discovering artisans on Etsy, and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favorite Etsy makers from around the world on this special project, which highlights each maker’s unique talent and craft. I love nothing more than to be home with my family and friends, so designing for the home felt like something that connected with how I live. The idea of being surrounded by objects and furnishings that bring you peace, joy and happiness, is so important. I wanted to create a collection that would bring people a sense of comfort and joy. The collection showcases the world of Altuzarra, and speaks to my love of craftsmanship and of the handmade” – Creative Director, Joseph Altuzarra

While so many are now nesting at home and paying more attention than ever to the level of comfort, function and self-expression their homes provide; it’s a great time to be consciously looking into delving into the home décor arena. The collection not only evokes the aesthetic of seductive, strong, powerful sophistication that the Altuzarra brand is built on, it also comes with the consideration of sustainability. Some products utilized excess materials from previous collections and of course, Etsy is the first on-line site to off set 100% of their carbon emissions from shipping through their positive environmental impact.

Some of our favorites are, of course, the more expensive pieces from Sara Paloma Pottery. The sleek curves, monochromatic dusty black and white, and tribal loop details make them well worthy of the price tag ranging from $1200-$1400. Other pieces in the collection are going to under $40 however, everything seems to be going quickly.

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