Armani/Silos Hosts The Challenge, An Exhibition Highlighting the Works of Architect Tadao Ando

Giorgio Armani & Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando (L) and Giorgio Armani (Photo by SGP)

For this year’s Salone del Mobile, Giorgio Armani will host at Armani/Silos, “The Challenge,” the first exhibition dedicated to architecture, a redesigned version of the major retrospective that Centre Pompidou dedicated to Tadao Ando last year in Paris.

And on April 8, 2019, the door opened for this major exhibition that explores the creative principles of Tadao Ando, the master of contemporary architecture. An original use of nature and the combination of elements like water and light in designed spaces express the Japanese architect’s pure and essential vision.

The deep sensibility of the Japanese architect, his philosophy and extreme precision inspired Giorgio Armani to commission him to design Armani/Teatro in via Bergognone, in Milan, in 2001.

‘In Tadao Ando’s architecture, I see an extraordinary ability to transform “heavy” materials such as metal and concrete into something truly exciting. I very much like his use of light, a fundamental element that helps shape the character of spaces,’ explains the designer.

The Challenge showcases the career of Tadao Ando through his most significant works, from Row House
in Sumiyoshi – Azuma House (1976), to Project in Naoshima (1988 to today) and La Bourse de Commerce
in Paris (2019). Additionally, for the first time, Ando’s plan for Armani/Teatro (2001) will be on display.

The narrative journey through the exhibition – designed by Tadao Ando in collaboration with Centre Pompidou – is structured around four major themes: Primitive Shapes of Space, An Urban Challenge, Landscape Genesis, Dialogues with History. The retrospective includes over 50 projects, illustrated with sketches, original models, video installations, technical drawings, travel notes and photographs taken by Ando himself.

‘Tadao Ando is an absolute master of architecture, with an unmistakable aesthetic style that comes very close to my sensibility. I honestly admire what he does. I’m very happy about this new collaboration and believe that Armani/Silos, with its austere, evocative atmosphere, is the perfect place to express the poetry and power of his work,’ explains Giorgio Armani.

The Challenge

Armani Silos – The Challenge, Tadao Ando – photocredit Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti (2)

‘In April of this year, I will have the honor to exhibit my architectural ideologies and structures in Milan,the design capital of Italy and the world. I greatly appreciate the generosity of Giorgio Armani in allowing me the opportunity to showcase my work in the prestigious Armani/Silos. This exhibition will encompass my architectural endeavors for the past half-century. It is my hope that this event will contribute to the future development of design and culture,’ says the architect.

As a self-taught genius, Tadao Ando – winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 1995 – reflects on typical aspects of his work in a distinctive way: ‘I wish to create an architecture that will live on eternally – not in substance or form, but as a memory within people’s hearts,’ he explains.

‘As architecture encounters various phenomena, it activates new dialogues. It is these dialogues that speak to people’s souls. How can I shape these dialogues to be more fundamental and more fruitful? There is no single answer to this question as every project has its own unique context. This is what makes architecture challenging. This is why it is fun. And still today, after half a century, I remain eager to continue tackling the endless challenge of creating architecture.’ It’s a simple language for a complex thought.

Born in Osaka in 1941, Tadao Ando is the world’s best-known Japanese contemporary architect. He has received many prestigious international awards and a “Laurea honoris causa” in 2002 from the School of Architecture at Rome’s La Sapienza University. Intrigued by the works of major architects, primarily Le Corbusier, Ando has developed a unique, unmistakable style, blending old Japanese tradition and contemporary architecture in a harmonious manner.

The Challenge will open to the public on 9th April and run until 28th July. It was inaugurated on April 8th during Salone del Mobile, with the participation of the architect.

9th April – 28th July 2019
Via Bergognone 40, Milano
+39 02 91630010

Armani Silos

Armani Silos – The Challenge, Tadao Ando – photocredit Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti (1)