Flashback Friday: Galleria Houston Sep 1999 Store Windows

Galleria Houston 29Gucci

DALLAS, Jan 3, 2014/— We continue on our trip down memory lane at the Galleria Houston September 1999 store windows. This time we are looking at J.Crew, Gucci, African Odyssey, Louis Vuitton, Versus, several kids window and a renovation window.

J. Crew had changed from a minimalistic store window in 1999 to a bit more romantic though still very functional for the 2010s. Again, the rolling forms are still used today in retail establishments, but we don’t see them in store windows anymore.

Gucci has also changed. In here, the Italian label is using white headless mannequins. Today, Gucci is using abstract mannequins that have heads. And if you follow fashion, in 1999, the Creative Director of Gucci is Tom Ford. When he left, Gucci’s creative direction changed, hence the change in store windows also.

Louis Vuitton brought passersby to the clouds, while a store, which was undergoing renovation warned its customers by making it the theme of its store window.

And here’s a fashion trivia. Seeing a Versus store window actually surprised me. It was taken off the market during the mid 2000s and then revived early this decade. This made me think of the saying, “the more things change, the more it stays the same.”

Photos by FashionWindows