GATE Is The New Berlin Store To Know



A space that blends fashion, art and music

Berlin has always been a city with a rich cultural life, a crossroads of inspirations, ideas and different movements.

From the eclectic nature of the city comes the new project of GATE, a space in the centre of the metropolis that connects fashion, art and music. From an outdoor courtyard immersed in the real you can access the exhibition rooms, two sales areas where the goods are well placed on stands and shelves, a selection of streetwear brands such as Helmut Lang, Cottweiler, Sankuanz, Stone Island or JUUN J. The novelty is a showroom room dedicated to cool, interesting and emerging brands and designers. To enhance the positive customer experience there is a coffee machine, a small kitchen and a “hidden” dressing room located between this area and the shopping rooms.

More than just a store, GATE is a meeting point between the city and the vibrations of street style that animate the national and international scene.