Jason Pomeranc Hosts a Graffiti Night at SIXTY Soho

Jason Pomeranc, Smart Crew

Jason Pomeranc, Smart Crew

May 14, 2014 was a Wednesday and the middle of the work week. Yet, New Yorkers still came to the SIXTY Soho, the hub of Bohemian-chic and style in Lower Manhattan to watch the artist collective Smart Crew transform the second floor of SIXTY Soho into an interactive graffiti exhibit.

Surprisingly, the ringleader in this tagging party is hotelier and SIXTY Soho founder Jason Pomeranc. Always thinking out of the box, Pomeranc did not just want to just quietly shutter his hotel for four months while it undergoes renovation.

A traditional party with champagne and hors d’oeuvres is “so establishment” and “so tame.” Making a bold statement, Jason Pomeranc invited graffiti artists DCEVE, SNOEMAN, ELMO and others to create the Artists In Occupation interactive graffiti exhibit at SIXTY SoHo.

Smart Crew painted the space before and during the event, creating an interactive landscape that allowed partygoers to participate in the beginning of SIXTY SoHo reimagining allowing guests to tag and color New York centric objects including mailboxes, brick walls, garbage pails, and traffic light boxes.

The exhibit was then deconstructed with sledgehammers to mark the reconstruction of SIXTY Soho.

Photos courtesy of SIXTY Soho