#FlashbackFriday: La Perla Opens a Second Boutique in Paris at the Rive Gauche

La Perla Paris (1)On September 24, 2014, La Perla opened its doors to the second new boutique which complements its historic counterpart in Faubourg St. Honorè.

La Perla Paris (3)The new boutique is located in the Rive Gauche chic heart at the crossing of Carrefour de la Croix Rouge and the prestigious Rue de Grenelle.

The new design for the La Perla boutiques is the result of the work of architect Roberto Baciocchi, founder of the internationally renowned architectural studio with its headquarters in Arezzo. He also took the reins for all of the stores of Prada, Miu Miu and Church’s.

The project is clearly inspired by great Italian architecture, and was put together by Baciocchi for La Perla. References to the work of Carlo Scarpa from the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona can be found in the soft, dusty colored walls dressed in painted fabric, and in the display cases within the store.

The ultra-feminine range of color shades, from pale blue, through dusky pink to daffodil yellow, plays on the luxurious essentiality of the hexagonal Portuguese marble slabs. Severity and softness are also found where the paving meets the rugs and silk tub armchairs in the same pastel tones as the walls.

The arch is one of the distinctive architectural elements of Italian art and here it becomes a backdrop lined in pink onyx inside each window. The La Perla creations are displayed in transparent cases with gilded metal hangers or presented to customers on velvet-lined trays.

One of the main features of the new La Perla project is the gateway in front of the fitting rooms: a symbolic element that marks this space devoted to intimacy, creating an exclusive place in which femininity reigns.

The fitting rooms, featuring amethyst-colored walls, are defined by backlit tulle paneling, creating a light, mellow and comfortable space. Another element is the metal grate feature that recalls ancient confessionals, and a “Service” bell for calling a member of the sales staff.

The second floor of the new boutique is an espace privé, dedicated to VIP customers, where they can access exclusive services such as the new Made to Measure collections.

La Perla Paris (2)

Photos courtesy of La Perla