La Prairie’s Platinum Rare Collection

courtesy of La Prairie

La Prairie’s Platinum Rare Collection, inspired by the beauty and strength of platinum, brings the Swiss luxury skincare brand’s unparalleled innovation, craftsmanship, and precious resources to a rarefied level of experience. Recently, the house has introduced a new product to the line: the Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion.

Platinum has long been synonymous with exclusivity. It arrived on earth from a star more than four billion years ago during a meteor shower. Given its scarcity, France’s Louis XVI made sure it was the only metal to be used to decorate the tables and coiffeuses of Versailles. Scientists at La Prairie discovered that the rare metal is not only synonymous with exclusivity and elegance, its qualities of strength translate into a powerful enhancement of rejuvenating peptides.

Courtesy Of La Prairie

“The Platinum Rare Collection is La Prairie’s ultimate collection of status and reflects pure artisanry. Starting from years of research and development, state of the art formulation, effective and precious ingredients, sensoriality and design, it offers our clients the most luxurious and exclusive experience,” says Greg Prodromides, La Prairie’s Chief Marketing Officer.