Missoni Presents HOME SWEET HOME at Salone del Mobile

Home Sweet Home - Missoni

Home Sweet Home – Missoni

Salone del Mobile is synonymous with groundbreaking designs and for its 58th edition Angela Missoni throws her cap on the design ring by continuing on her quest for what appears to be an artistic empathy, as well as a creative support and interaction focused on material and color.

Home Sweet Home - Missoni

Angela Missoni and Alessandra Roveda

To make this a reality, she has entrusted the Missoni space in via Solferino to the visionary Alessandra Roveda, who, with her love of covering furnishings and objects from the past in colorful woolen threads, has created a fantastic environment within the space.

Specifically, for this occasion, Alessandra Roveda has conceived a pervasive atmosphere with a magical fairy-tale interior completely enveloped in multicolored knits; breathing life into one of her most spectacular, demanding and ambitious bodies of work yet.

The creation of Alessandra Roveda is an extraordinary example of art and craftsmanship, allowing her to reinterpret and reinvent the space, as well as the textures and furnishings, and transform the habitat into an inviting and exhilarating experience of sensuality, color and softness, while casting the knitted materials as the sole protagonists.

She refashions crochets into fascinating and enveloping garments of things; a trait-d’union between the past and the future. Everyday objects of affection and furniture from the past take on evocative appearances that are, at the same time, alien, unexpected and unique as sofas, beds, armchairs, books, shelves, pendulum clocks and many other items assume new, unrecognizable vestments.

Alessandra Roveda’s completely-manual artistic process speaks to the Missoni language with its continual articulation of colorful threads and crochet stitches that come together to create a singular pictorial landscape of their own making.

A world surprisingly revisited and transformed. A world in which reality becomes a fairytale and imaginatively surreal and playful presences appear and encourage intimate observances and digressions from one’s self, all within the sphere of one’s personal recollections.


Home Sweet Home - Missoni

Alessandra Roveda

Alessandra Roveda, a graduate in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano, transformed her passion for crochet into a polychromatic artistic expression; the fil rouge of a plot construction that draws from the past and from her childhood in order to transform objects into boundless populations of fanciful characters who become the protagonists of a colorful world permeated by varying threads and the evocative appeal of crochet.

Alessandra Roveda chose a language of traditional craftsmanship as her means of expression, a way of painting that has its roots in her childhood and draws inspiration from her grandmother’s own knitting process, from a way of working with knits which symbolizes the feminine and domestic practices of tradition; all constituting the development of an artistic execution that is completely singular, ritualistic, iterative, and yet, always different, uniquely colorful and lively.

The beginning of an infinitely autobiographical storyline, a representation in crochet of serpents and flamingos; tables and chairs; puppets, bicycles and quilts; hats, skis, boots and many other subjects and objects of every shape and size. An imaginary world populated by extravagant creatures that arises, without ever repeating itself, from the same slow, patient and multicolored process. Alessandra Roveda’s works have been exhibited in the Galleria di Paola Colombari, where she is represented in Italy, as well as installations for the Salone del Mobile or the Biennale d’Arti Applicate in Milan.