MYKITA opens new outpost at the foot of the Matterhorn


BERLIN, Jan 11, 2014/ — From the city to the slopes: the MYKITA Shop Zermatt is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters, in one of the best-known skiing regions in the Swiss Alps and at the same time in the heart of a bustling town environment.

The second MYKITA Shop in Switzerland unites the Berlin-based eye-wear specialists’ own aesthetic principles with optical precision. This branch has a particularly strong emphasis on MYKITA MYLON frames: extremely light and practical sports-style frames that make both a perfect companion for the mountains and also a practical everyday accessory.

The MYKITA Shop in Zermatt is a marriage of the modern and the traditional. The display window, with its original wood framing to retain the winter resort look, provides an open view of the all-white interior, with a design based on the progressive composition of different elements and contrasting materials.

The room was stripped of its wood panelling to leave exposed concrete walls and floors. The steel girders were likewise liberated from their casing and restored to their original condition. The result is a kind of installation with a bold and simple construction that preserves the original character of the space.

The primary design element of the shop interior is the MYKITA Wall. It comprises perforated steel angle beads that are reinvented from their regular function as heavy-duty shelving supports. The resulting structure is backlit and serves as a presentation area.

Individual metal shelf elements inserted into the wall provide each model with its own little stage. The MYKITA Shop in Zermatt is in addition the first to feature an expansive MYKITA MYLON Wall, bringing the “future look of sports” to the mountains.

The integrated Relaxed Vision Center is a special lab equipped with state-of-the-art precision instruments from Carl Zeiss research. Customers can consult the MYKITA in-house optometrist, who generates customised optical profiles and performs an exact adaptation of the lenses to both the wearer’s eyesight and their facial physiognomy.

Zermatt is now home to the ninth MYKITA Shop worldwide – joining Berlin, New York, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Tokyo, Monterrey (Mexico) and Cartagena (Colombia).


MYKITA Shop Zermatt
Bahnhofstrasse 5
3920 Zermatt
+41 27 9675555

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