Pumpkins and Cacti for Fall at Northpark Center

northpark center fall 2013-01

DALLAS, Nov 27, 2013/ — Only in Texas, and perhaps the whole of Southwest does having pumpkins and cacti make sense. It’s Fall, and the days before Thanksgiving. The giant pumpkins remind you that the holidays are coming but it was still quiet enough for the mall to be serene (if there is such a thing) before the Christmas madness begins.

One of the best things about Northpark Center is that they always use REAL plants, flowers and on this case, vegetables. I don’t have anything against silk flowers, but having live plants give the whole place an elegant and classy feel. Of course, this is Northpark Center, the place where the well-heeled Preston Hollow crowd shops. Anything less is not acceptable.

Location: Northpark Center Dallas
Date: November 9, 2013
Photo by Mari Davis