Store Windows in Dallas: Bebe at Northpark Center

Bebe at Northpark Center Dallas

Remember when I said that with the current state of visual merchandising, store displays and store windows are actually decided on the corporate level? The Bebe store window at Northpark Center is a reiteration of the Bebe store window at the Galleria Dallas. The same elements were used – white abstract mannequin and photos of plants used as graphics make up this window. It is not the exact window because it is personalized for the location.

With this trend, it is not surprising that there are less and less visual merchandisers. Usually, store clerks and store managers do the job of the visual merchandiser because designs are created at the corporate offices. Yes, visual merchandising is very much alive. And there are still visual merchandisers. But like the ad men who stay at Madison Avenue, the display men are now in corporate towers.