Store Windows in San Francisco: Hermes

Hermes SF5-7-2013 (7)

DALLAS, Oct 25, 2013/ — As a rule, Hermes windows has a tendency to be very straight-forward and very little fufu. Though those of us who are still in love with the 1980s will find this approach very simple, there is a lot to be said with the understated elegance that permeates in all of Hermes store windows. And though this will sound like a cliché, in this case, it is truly less is more.

A single mannequin graces the store window with a stick figure representing a sport as the only decoration or prop. The leather windows feature semi-circle plexi-glass pedestals. And the coup de grâce , the leather window with its green and white sports icons.

Location: Union Square, San Francisco
Date: May 7, 2013
Photo by Mari Davis